How to Watch Recorded Shows on YouTube TV

How to Watch Recorded Shows on YouTube TV Users started subscribing to streaming services over cable TV as the platforms provide exclusive features such as Unlimited cloud DVR storage. Cloud DVR storage is provided by nearly all streaming services with certain limits. Compared to other streaming services, you can record unlimited content using the cloud storage on   YouTube TV . The recorded shows are available upto 90 days from the recording date and can be streamed anytime on YouTube TV. Moreover, the platform lets users record the show parallel with streaming other content. How to Record Shows on YouTube TV [1] Launch the YouTube TV app on your smartphone. You can access YouTube TV by visiting the website on a desktop browser. [2]  Sign in  with your YouTube TV account. [3] Click  Search  at the top right corner. [4] Enter the name of the show or program you want to record and select it. [5] Finally, click  Add to Library  ( +  sign). Once you select Add to Library, it will change t